Host your private events for up to 50 guests in the beautiful Maryland Meadworks taproom!
Our event package even includes mead + staff time!

Ask us to host your private event!

holiday parties + birthday parties + retirement parties + corporate meetings + bachelor/bachelorette parties + wedding showers + baby showers + quinceaneras + bar/bat mitzvahs + graduation parties + farewell parties + drinking parties + poker parties + silent auctions …


  • $200 per hour, 4 hour minimum ($800)

    • Please incorporate a minimum of an extra hour for setup and cleanup time into your reservation. For example, a 3 hour event from 7-10pm with a half hour set up and tear down time would require a reservation from 6:30-10:30pm = 4 hours / $800

  • Pricing includes

    • One bartender for the entirety of your rental. (We pay them, but tipping our staff is also appreciated.)

    • Pre-tax purchases of any mead or other products (growlers, t-shirts, glassware, giftcards) in our taproom. (See the How does the pricing work again section at the bottom of this page for more details.)

  • NOTE: The Meadworks does not serve food besides chips and nuts. You may cater, order for delivery, bring your own, or potluck!

Amenities include:

  • Tables and seating for 25, total capacity of 50 guests

  • One staff bartender, who can also help with setup and teardown. We pay them, you tip them (pretty please!).

  • Counterspace and folding tables for food. You may cater your event, bring your own food, or host a potluck)

  • Free Wifi

  • Projector and projection screen available (Please provide an HDMI-compatible laptop if desired)

  • Small stage, 2 microphones, podium and PA system appropriate for speakers or other live musical entertainment.

  • Two pristine, gender inclusive bathrooms.

  • YouTube Karaoke Host available for an additional $50/hour upon request (you are also welcome to do this yourself, but must provide your own HDMI-compatible laptop)..

Ask us to host your private event!

How can I rent the Meadworks?

  • Contact us to reserve your event.

  • Private Events may be held 7 days a week between 10am-10pm pending availability.

  • We recommend reserving your event at least 6 weeks in advance.

  • 50% deposit on credit card to reserve the space. You may cancel up to 14 days in advance for a full refund of your deposit. If you cancel within 14 days of the event your deposit will be credited to a Maryland Meadworks gift card.

Ask us to host your private event!

How does the pricing work again?

Cash Bar Scenario Let’s say you rent the taproom for 4 hours ($800) with a cash bar setup since you are providing food and other drinks. Pretend your guests purchase $500 in mead or other products pre-tax. That would mean you would only pay the $300 difference to rent the space.

Open Bar Scenario: You’re renting the taproom for 4 hours ($800) for a birthday party and you are paying for your guests to drink. You start a tab on your credit card at the bar and all your guests order against your tab. At the end of the night, we charge the card, but deduct the pre-tax purchases against your $800 fee. So if your thirsty guests drank $600 in product, you’d owe us $200.

Drink Ticket Scenario: You’re renting the taproom for 4 hours ($800) and you want to buy everyone their first round. Let’s say you provide each of your guests a ticket for a $12 flight or a $7 pour. You start a tab on your credit card for all of the drink ticket purchases and all meads purchased with the tickets are put against your tab. Everyone who purchases additional product without a ticket is on their own. At the end of the night, we charge the card, but deduct the pre-tax purchases on your tab AND any additional purchase made by your guests against your $800 fee. So if your thirsty guests drank $300 drink ticketed product, plus they paid for another $300 on their own, that’d be $600 towards your rental fee, and you’d owe us $200.

Can I game this to be rent-free? Yep! Maybe in addition to the mead purchases you/your guests make you want to purchase tshirts or glassware for your guests and growlers for the birthday boy or girl. Yes those count towards this total as well — anything up to $800 total in pretax purchases made during (or right after) the event counts towards the $800 rental for a 4 hour event rental.

Do we have to drink your delicious hand-crafted mead to rent the space? Nope. You can bring beverages in addition to, or in lieu of, our delicious hand-crafted mead. Our bartender cannot serve these outside beverages, and it’s still the same $200 an hour, 4 hour minimum, but we’re still happy to host your event.

Ask us to host your private event!