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Drink Mead, Save the World!



Maryland Meadworks’ mission is to combine ancient wisdom with modern knowledge to craft a diverse selection of delicious mead using natural processes and locally sourced ingredients.

Our meads range from sweet to semi-sweet to dry. We offer both still and sparkling mead varieties and will have up to eight meads on tap in the tasting room. We produce traditional mead as well as exciting new varieties that incorporate fruit, herbs, spices and other natural flavors such as coffee, tea, and hops.


Our meads


Mead Marian

A traditional high gravity sweet mead made with a different honey showcased in each new batch. The Mead Marian currently on tap features stag-horn sumac honey from upstate New York. It is deep and rich with notes of scotch whiskey, dark chocolate, and mango. 14.5% ABV


Bitter Bee

This mead is a great cross-over mead for IPA drinkers. Hopped with cryo-mosaic and simcoe hops, and fermented with a Belgian yeast strain, this mead has juicy citrus flavors, a light body, and a hint of orange blossom honey in the finish. 9% ABV


Tart Gwen

Named after Gwen Brewer, one of our earliest supporters (Gwen just held her 90th birthday party at the Meadworks), this mead combines wildflower honey, Montmorency tart cherry juice from Michigan, and fresh lemon thyme grown by New Brooklyn Farms in Mt. Rainier. 7.5% ABV