Mead On Tap



Single pour in Belgian-style tulip glass: $7 plus tax

Flight of four meads of your choice: $12 plus tax

32 oz. growlers to go: $20 fill and $8 for glass growler plus tax (Mead Marian $30 fill)


Mead Marian

A traditional high gravity sweet mead made with a different honey showcased in each new batch. The Mead Marian currently on tap features stag-horn sumac honey from upstate New York. It is deep and rich with notes of scotch whiskey, dark chocolate, and mango. 14.5% ABV


Bitter Bee

This mead is a great cross-over mead for IPA drinkers. Hopped with cryo-mosaic and simcoe hops, and fermented with a Belgian yeast strain, this mead has juicy citrus flavors, a light body, and a hint of orange blossom honey in the finish. 9% ABV


Tart Gwen

Named after Gwen Brewer, one of our earliest supporters (Gwen just held her 90th birthday party at the Meadworks), this mead combines wildflower honey, Montmorency tart cherry juice from Michigan, and fresh lemon thyme grown by New Brooklyn Farms in Mt. Rainier. 7.5% ABV



A traditional semi-sweet mead made with a unique yeast strain from UC Davis’ Mondavi Institute that produces fruity esters that emulate notes of pineapple, mango, and papaya. This is a refreshing, low gravity session mead that is the perfect beverage on a warm day. 5.5% ABV


Dragon’s Breath

An off-dry mead made with wildflower honey and infused with organic habanero peppers that has a medium-spicy after-burn. Perfect for pairing with Mexican, Thai, and Indian food. 8% ABV

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Zanzibar infused with organic jalapeño peppers. Zanzibar’s pineapple notes meld well with the full jalapeño flavors. Medium-spicy and muy delicioso! 7% ABV


Super Hy

A refreshing, semi-sweet fruity mead made with Superflower Hibiscus from Nigeria and sweet blueberries. Handmade in Hyattsville, infused with Hibiscus, and launched on 4/20, Super Hy is the perfect pink refreshment. 8.5% ABV


Good Vibrations

A semi-sweet coffee mead made with El Fuego cold-pressed coffee from Vigilante Coffee in Hyattsville, wildflower honey, and Madagascar Vanilla Beans. This collaboration brew will keep you buzzing all night long. 15% ABV